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Pandawa Cliff Estate Wedding – Edward & Vonny
Edward and Vonny met in Melbourne and fell in love. They come from different cities, Edward from Surabaya and Vonny from Bandung. But that doesn't stop fate to unite them. The wedding took place in Pandawa Cliff Estate, Bali, starting with a beautiful ceremony and dinner reception but ended with a fun after party. Organized by Bali Wedding Chemistry
Villa The Sanctuary Bali Wedding – Kevin & Jackie
Coming all the way from USA to have their dream wedding come true, Kevin and Jackie travelled across the globe to this paradise island, Bali at The Sanctuary Villa. They are a couple of school sweethearts who fell in love since way back when, with the same passion of making each other laugh and travel around the world – and the interesting thing is they are actuallly complete opposites! The wedding is very intimate, attended by families and close friends just like they want it to be. Making it even more dreamy. Congratulations to Kevin and Jackie, we are humbled and it’s been our pleasure to capture your wedding day.
Plenilunio Villa Wedding – Joulmer & Silvia
On a beautiful evening at Plenilunio Villa, Uluwatu we witness and document the unity of Joulmer and Silvia along with their family and friends. The bride looks stunning and gracious, always hand in hand with the groom they are so in love. The weather was lovely and we got a glimpse of sunset before the moon took over the night.
Semara Beach House Wedding – Brady & Sylvia
Two adventures by heart - with the same passion for bike riding tied the knot in Semara Beach House Bali for their dream wedding by the beach in the beautiful island of Bali. Brady and Slyvia has been travelling by bike around the world for the last 10 months after dating for 6 years. All great things started with a bottle -in this case, two bottles of wine over a bet they had at work. From there on, it's all the cupid's work. So on a special day while travelling to Bali, they went to Canggu during their bike travel and Brady popped the question. April 16th 2016, they are officially married attented by their closest friend from America and Ja ...
The Mulia Bali Wedding – Robby & Lia
There are many days in a person’s life that marks an ending or a new beginning. For Robby and Lia, it’s October 3rd 2015; the day that marks both – an ending of their life as a son and a daughter, also the new beginning of their life together as husband and wife. On the fine morning of October 3rd 2015, they exchanged their vows. After a long 7 years of being together they finally tied the knot. I asked about their story with a lot of enthusiasm, because I know both the bride and the groom but never this personal. It all started during the university days, they took the same major and same classes but they actually met at Friendster! Let’s ...
Komune Resort Wedding – Terry & Elise
The wedding day of Terry and Elise, our last wedding in 2015 that left us trully awed. The reception was exceptionally intimate, casual but intimate. Terry and Elise are such a gorgeous couple, having their wedding reception at Komune Resort located in the Eastern shore with a breath-taking beach under the moonlight. Terry is rather a quiet guy, and Elise is the other way around. She’s very expressive while he’s very content. It is amazing what soul mates are made of, differences that adds up, end up completing each other as a whole. We enjoyed shooting the wedding very much, with such a gorgeous couple in a beautiful venue and quiet a ...