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Sumba Engagement – Ivan & July
This particular trip took us to Sumba; a sea of grass land, serene beach, and clear blue ocean water. Ivan and Juli, our lovely couple, hailing from Jakarta. This is an adventure of Ivan and Juli against the nature. Their connection and chemistry can be seen clearly, and at it's best. The beautiful nature and their beautiful love, made such an amazing photographs.
Sydney Engagement – Tendes & Jennifer
Rino travelled to Sydney for a engagement photo session with Tendes and Jennifer. Second time around, the shoot is taking place on the iconic Opera House and the surroundings, also in the hidden streets of the metropolitan city of Sydney. And we had the chance to play around in the dessert a little bit too.
Bali Engagement – Mohsen & Laleh
Moments are to be cherished and time is to be treasured. This is the first time Mohsen and Laleh travelled to Bali, where they create new moments and memorable time on the island of the Gods; showered each other with affection and love that is visibly true.
Bali Engagement – Mike & Elmira
This has yet to be the furthest pre-wedding destination for our team, a story about Mike and Elmira. But no, they travelled even further from UK to Bali so these extra miles is just another step away. We drove to the Northern part of Bali, a small village called Tembok; secluded and untouched – that’s where the beauty lies. Greens every where, the air was still so fresh, so pure just like they are. Both of them are teachers, Mike is also a photographer which what made it tricky. Nonetheless shooting them was effortless because their chemistry is really strong. We hope you like and enjoy our work as much as we do!
New Zealand Engagement – Rian & Silvia
Rino always dreamt to have a chance to go to New Zealand. Rian & Vivi has made his dream came true. 16 Hours of flight duration, almost 2000 km on the road, this has to be our farthest adventure. 8 Days is too short to discover south island, but one thing for sure, we will definitely come back. We’ve been planning to discover north island as well. It was one hell of an adventure, and it will always be our great memories! So this is it, hope you enjoy our gallery!