As somebody who’s #WorkingFromHome for the last 8 years, here are my tips:


1. Take One Day At A Time.

Every day is created from scratch. It might seem like a stretch, but I think the best thing you can do is to pretend that tomorrow may never come, there’s just today and what you can do with it.


2. Establish a Daily Routine.

When you don’t have much time, a routine helps you make the little time for you have count. When you have all the time in the world, a routine helps you make sure you don’t waste it.

Who likes to take a shower in the morning? I do because it triggers my mind into the working state.


3. Make Lists.

I write down a list of things to be done every day to keep my anxiety level down. It calms me when I know what my goals are every day.


4. You Can Be Woke Without Waking to The News.

“The phone gives us a lot but it takes away three key elements of discovery: loneliness, uncertainty, and boredom. Those have always been where creative ideas come from.” – Lynda Barry

Set timer on your Aircon 1 hour earlier than the time you usually wakes up, it helps you to wake up gradually for hydrating your body.


5. Airplane Mode Can Be A Way of Life.

You don’t need to be on the plane to practice this: Pop in your earplugs and put away your phone, it will transform your room into an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your work.


6. When In Doubt, Tidy Up.

Old kinds of stuff could be your new source of ideas such as good old books.


7. Stimulate with Caffeine.

Buy a good tea or coffee beans. Coffee helps you in the digestion process. Smooth digestion = less stress 🙂


8. Naps Are Secret Weapons.

There are a lot of ways to take a nap. For me, I like the “caffeine nap”: Drink a cup of coffee or tea, lie down for 15-30 minutes, and get back to work when the caffeine has kicked in.


9. Demons Hate Fresh Air.

Walking is great to release your inner demons, especially when you walk during the golden hour. You might see a lot of beautiful things.


10. Finish Each Day And Be Done With It.

Every day is like a blank page: When you’re finished filling it, you can save it, you can crumple it up, or you can slide it into the recycling bin and let it be.



Best regards,


Based on “Keep Going” by Austin Kleon