The wedding day of Terry and Elise, our last wedding in 2015 that left us trully awed. The reception was exceptionally intimate, casual but intimate. Terry and Elise are such a gorgeous couple, having their wedding reception at Komune Resort located in the Eastern shore with a breath-taking beach under the moonlight.

Terry is rather a quiet guy, and Elise is the other way around. She’s very expressive while he’s very content. It is amazing what soul mates are made of, differences that adds up, end up completing each other as a whole.

We enjoyed shooting the wedding very much, with such a gorgeous couple in a beautiful venue and quiet a small wedding, the level of intimacy was undeniably present. How the guests interacted, the wedding speech, the dances, the wedding wishes, it all shows how they were all trully happy for the newly weds. It is something rare I must say, seeing how people could come together and were all in a state of happiness. What’s even more special to us was the wedding sound track; Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy, is our very own Rino’s personal favorite song!

Terry and Elise, they definitely owned the night. Just like a dream came true, their wedding is a perfect ending to end the year and a brand new begining to their life. We wish you an everlasting love and happiness all the way.