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Bali is the place to be for Rustan and Sheila, a place that takes them to adventures. According to them, you can find anything here; lush greens, sandy beaches, amazing cafes, and what not!
So we went to one of the secluded picturesque beach in Kintamani, the Nyanyi beach to shoot this gorgeous couple. Playing out a little with colored dust they tossed and turn, running around while exchanging laughter – yes, love is in the air.
All our best wishes to you guys, it was a pleasure to witness all that.

Yours truly,



Amazed and touched by their love story, we present a little journey of Dwayne and Debbie to the picturesque Mount Batur.

A fairy tale turns into reality, Dwayne and Debbie were primary school mates before. Over the years, they stayed in touch and after graduating they started dating. 5 years after, they got hitched; a perfect combination of best friend, soul mate, and lover as they said.

Yours truly,



A few days ago on the first week of December, we had the chance to work with a beautiful couple from Singapore, Weijun and Lydia for their pre-wedding photoshoot. We had a short roadtrip to Kintamani, where Mount Batur arests above the nature-made lake from the crate. The panoramic view of the calm mountain and surrounding nature allow us to explore and have a little bit of fun finding the perfect spots for Weijun and Lydia.

Weijun and Lydia is a witty couple, they surely know how to break the ice and crack jokes to put smile on people’s faces. We love that about them, makes us enjoy the shoot very much and creates a great mood. The result? Images loaded with pure emotion and chemistry – an amazing display of their love on frame. Talking about chemistry, this couple first meet each other at the church – they are soul mates fated to be together. They have a very different profession; Weijun is a military helicopter pilot while Lydia is a dentist. It is what’s magical about their relationship, despite of their different profession somehow their path crosses and soon they will be married in their home country, Singapore. It is stories like this that made believe soul mates are real, it is all in God’s hand.

Early in the morning just before the sun rise, we started shooting them. Mount Batur rests gracefully on the background while we captured Weijun and Lydia during the brief golden moment on sun rise. They were a natural, so we managed to get lots of beautiful shots while the sun rise that morning. After that we went to the surroundings, lies a wide grass land right on top of the crate. Then we went inside the luscious forest with high trees and had another shoot there. The nature at Kintamani is jaw-dropping, but it didn’t overpower the presence of Weijun and Lydia on the frame. They stand out just like blooming couples do.

It’s been really nice working with Weijun and Lydia, they are more than a client to us. They’re a great couple, next time when visiting Bali we hope you get to travel longer and visit Ubud again since you love it so much. All our best wishes for your wedding, we thank you for this opportunity and a chance to tell your magical love story through us.




Another day at Kintamani, never stop amazed about its view, and luckily the weather was perfect. This couple has came from Semarang to have a pre wedding session with us. Their story begins here and they would seal their love story at Bali in August. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding. PS: Thank you Bridestory :)