Traditional Batak Wedding – Ronald & Pipi

December 23, 2015

This is our first traditional Batak wedding ceremony, the wedding of Ronald and Pipi. Ronald and Pipi have known each other since they were just a kid; they are childhood friends which after long years apart find each other again, then united as husband and wife not until now do they know that the love of their life was there all along – silently waiting for a romantic rendezvous. With the family supporting them every step of the way, the Batak spirit is so alive lighting this traditional Batak ceremony intimately vivacious!

Batak wedding is known as a big wedding, both of the families are married to each other too. The ceremony consists of a series of rituals but the peak is on the wedding day at Medan. Beginning the day with a beautiful blessing at the church, the next was Ulaon Unjuk; the traditional Batak reception starting with congratulating the groom and bride. And then everyone danced; expressing their joy, welcoming each other as a new family. Following that was the most crucial ritual, they are binded together with a traditional cloth, ulos, as the bride’s parents sang a Batak song to sincerely pass the bride to the groom. It was an explosion of emotions for them all, it was when one bond is broken and another bond is formed – still it becomes unbreakable. As they share this cherished moment, the bride’s father gave a very touching speech about their hope and prayers for the newlyweds, again, another intimate moment consuming everyone with tears of joy.

This was an incredible experience for our team, getting to witness and encapture such a fascinating tradition. We wish the best for your life together as a one big family, horas!