Snap Story’s second trip to New Zealand, the ever so picturesque nature.

It was a long 17-hour flight from Bali to Queenstown. This time I was travelling with my manager slash wife slash assistant. So we rented a car, drive up North to Christchurch which was by the way a 500km ride. Not for once there was a dull moment, every where we look was a maninfestation of the beautiful God’s creation. Every view was mind-blowing, we stopped every once in a while and took turn driving – an experience we have yet to achieve.

The wedding was in a rural area called Rakaia Gorge, 1.5 hour drive from Christchurch. Our lovely groom and bride, David and Giorgie had the reception at a farm inside a barn they own, transformed into dinner venue. The shoot was a 30 minutes drive to a hill owned by Gorgie, everything uphill was just so green and pretty. David was wearing the traditional attire as a groom, the kilt. After the shoot we headed back and proceed with the reception attended by only family and close friends. It was really nice capturing a wedding with such a culture.

We were happy to be a part of it, second time been there but the experience is always different. New Zealand is a place we will always want to come back to. Congratulations David and Giorgie! Thank you for an amazing experience

Yours truly,



Two adventures by heart – with the same passion for bike riding tied the knot in Semara Beach House Bali for their dream wedding by the beach in the beautiful island of Bali.

Brady and Slyvia has been travelling by bike around the world for the last 10 months after dating for 6 years. All great things started with a bottle -in this case, two bottles of wine over a bet they had at work. From there on, it’s all the cupid’s work. So on a special day while travelling to Bali, they went to Canggu during their bike travel and Brady popped the question.

April 16th 2016, they are officially married attented by their closest friend from America and Jakarta. It will definitely become a night they will always remember, as the day was surrounded by such happiness and love. All our best wishes to you both, Brady and Slyvia. We hope you two continue your bike travelling together and build a great life!

Yours truly,



For Raka and Visdy, love happens as simple as the magnetic force; when two different pole meets, they are attracted to each other instead of forcing away. It all started on a holiday that Visdy took to the none other than Bali – where Raka was currently working. A mutual friend almost unaccidentaly introduced them, and so the magic begins. Like what most people believe, when two different set of souls has met their pair they complete another. It just feels right and every piece of the puzzle start to fall into place. Having to had a long distance relationship, it was quite hard until Raka finally went back to the big city to tie the knot.
When you feel it, you will know. How fate has its ways to unveil these soulmates. They wanted a small and intimate wedding ceremony at St Stephanus Church Jakarta, for what matters is to be blessed by God almighty’s grace and surrounded by their family and loved ones. All the plan and all the dream came true as they have wanted. Fate work is amazing, it will restore your faith in love.
Congratulations Raka and Visdy, we are humbled to snap those moments for your. Our best wishes to your many years to come.

Yours truly,



The wedding day of Terry and Elise, our last wedding in 2015 that left us trully awed. The reception was exceptionally intimate, casual but intimate. Terry and Elise are such a gorgeous couple, having their wedding reception at Komune Resort located in the Eastern shore with a breath-taking beach under the moonlight.

Terry is rather a quiet guy, and Elise is the other way around. She’s very expressive while he’s very content. It is amazing what soul mates are made of, differences that adds up, end up completing each other as a whole.

We enjoyed shooting the wedding very much, with such a gorgeous couple in a beautiful venue and quiet a small wedding, the level of intimacy was undeniably present. How the guests interacted, the wedding speech, the dances, the wedding wishes, it all shows how they were all trully happy for the newly weds. It is something rare I must say, seeing how people could come together and were all in a state of happiness. What’s even more special to us was the wedding sound track; Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy, is our very own Rino’s personal favorite song!

Terry and Elise, they definitely owned the night. Just like a dream came true, their wedding is a perfect ending to end the year and a brand new begining to their life. We wish you an everlasting love and happiness all the way.

Yours truly,



There are many days in a person’s life that marks an ending or a new beginning. For Robby and Lia, it’s October 3rd 2015; the day that marks both – an ending of their life as a son and a daughter, also the new beginning of their life together as husband and wife.

On the fine morning of October 3rd 2015, they exchanged their vows. After a long 7 years of being together they finally tied the knot. I asked about their story with a lot of enthusiasm, because I know both the bride and the groom but never this personal. It all started during the university days, they took the same major and same classes but they actually met at Friendster! Let’s hail the internet for a second getting aqcuaintaned. So from there, Robby made his move and for 7 years they’ve been together. But after they graduated, Robby moved back to Bali his hometown and Lia stayed at Jakarta.

One night, Robby surprised Lia by going to Jakarta. Of course it caught her by surprise, and he immediately ask her to go on a romantic dinner at one of the finest hotel in the capital. She rushed to get herself ready and they went to the dinner. Spending the night talking about the future, Lia could feel it in her gut that Robby would propose. But no, that dinner ended with no ring on her finger which left her hanging. Not until the elevator stopped at the 8th floor. This surprise though, was not expected at all. Robby finally man up and walked her to a room he has booked, filled with flowers and candles – on top of it all, with five words that every girl dreamed to hear since they were a kid; WILL YOU MARRY ME? With no hesitation, she answered, “YES!”.

So, on that memorable day on the first week of October completes their long awaited beautiful ending, and a new beginning for Robby and Lia at The Mulia Resort Bali. The ballroom was decorated like garden full of flowers with lots of love in the air. But the spotlight is always on the king and queen of the night, Robby and Lia.

We love to be a part of your wedding day, we hope you start your family with lots of blessings and soon adds a new member of your family as you wish.

Yours truly,