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2019: A Year in Review
2019 is by far the most challenging year throughout our career. We got the opportunity to grow as a person, and we learned to develop as a team. 2019 is also a year of appreciation. A year when we started to enter the annual photo contests by Junebug Weddings. All the hard work was paid off with the awards of Best Engagement Photos, Best Destination Photos, and honorable mention of Best Engagement photos, and Best of the Best Wedding Photos. We would like to thank all of our lovebirds and colleagues by presenting this post to you. Thank you 2019, Hello 2020!
Bali Engagement Portraits – Kadek Arini & Nyoman
This article is written by Anindya Paramitha of Kadek Arini and Agastyasana were actually classmates during their Sunday school at a temple for eleven years. They first met at that class when they were both seven years old, and stayed classmates until they were 18. During that time, they barely talked to each other. After Kadek Arini graduated from high school, she went to Yogyakarta to pursue a bachelor's degree. She and Agastyasana lived their own lives for years, never thought of each other nor thought of the chances of meeting again. However, destiny had a different plan. The two accidentally met again in 2017 and fell h ...