This is not a Venice love story, this is our trip when visiting Venice, where there’s only silence; no car or bike noise.
A very quiet city, friendly, and clean. It’s hard for me to imagine that Venice was just struck by the worst flood they ever had. The way they regulate the cleanliness of the city is so strict, for example we have to put our garbage to a certain area before 10 AM everyday, and for those who litter will be fined up to 100 Euros!

We stayed in Cannaregio area and explore Piazza San Marco on the first day. We went to Burano, the Fisherman Village on the next day but we missed the Glass a making at Murano because it was closed on the evening. But, the weather worked in our favor, it was sunny yet breezy.

So here is the compilation of my street photography in Venice.

Walk, play, and shoot